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Fencing gloves

Custum production of leather historical gloves, of various cuffs shapes, we are using materials like leather from american deer, fallow deer, calfskin and goatskin. Fencing glowes from american deer are thick att least about 1,2 mm, gloves got doble taped cuff, it is really adaptable to your hand. Scratches and scarring there are sign of real natural material.

Next we offer leather gloves for larps, or for historical  swordplay.Fencing ones are sewn with cuff and they are without lining.

Selection of gloves designated for sport swordplay, fencing trainers or historical costume accessory.

Gloves were used as a protection from the heat, but they also got aesthetic function, that was very important primarely in Early Middle Ages and High Middle Ages. Baroque gloves are way more decorated. For archery we prepered for you our collection of archery gloves.Falconry is a majestic and noble art, where you use gloves from begging.Leather gloves will hepl you with a possible strong bird grip.


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