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By 1480, it is thought in Germany1, the true welted shoe was developed in Germany,with shoes made rightside out on a last, and gradually spread across Europe, and then elsewhere in the world.The simple turned shoe remained for some time thereafter, seemingly as a less expensive shoe worn by laborers, seamen (such as Basque Whalers), footmen's "pumps", and so on.The basic slipper style and tied latchet shoe seemed most prominent of these turned shoes2.The welted shoes were, for this period, upright shoes, made on straight lasts, neither rights nor lefts, likely because of the expense of maintaining differing styles of lasts for both feet.This is particularly true, once raised heels began to be developed (See Heels).Shoes with platform soles also were seen in this period (See Chopines, etc.)

Cow-Mouth shoes (also called bear paws) are typical shoes of early modern times (16th century). The developed form the duck-beak shoes, and these from poulaines - pointed shoes. Cow-Mouth shoes have wide soles are almost on inch high on the side and the rear.On the front they have slit and gathered bag,


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