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Medieval footwear

Historical footwearmedieval boots, Historical shoes, Viking Shoes, Norman shoes, Celtic shoes, Gothic shoes, Renessance boots, history boots, history leather boots.

To complete your authentic historical costume choose from our offer pair of your dream shoes or boots.We produce custum products to dress medieval knight, Renaissance nobleman,harsh Viking, fighting swordsman or even caliage for Roman soldiers.

Our manufactory is water resintant and you can decide what kind of sole you want. Whether you need rubber sole or more historical one from our quality leather. You can also choose leather sole nailed with iron nails.

Our medieval shoes and boots are credible replicas from 13th to 15th and they are suiteble for the Living History Enthusiast. Our footwear is inspired by historical models and is great for reenactors.

We sell very good quality for also good prices. We give you 2 years warranty and we can repair everything in our service.


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